Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36
Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36Sneakers - size 36


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More information about these sneakers
Material: cotton (shoe) & rubber (sole)
Sizes : 36 to 46 (European) / 3 to 11 (UK)
Print: diameter 5 cm / 2.0"

Design your own pair of unique sneakers with photo and text!

These boots are made for walking... And not just for walking, but also for the world to see! Who else has sneakers with their own picture, text or name? A beautiful present for your (grand)children, boyfriend, girlfriend or yourself. And such quality! Top brands come from the same factories as these sneakers are made in. These great sneakers will have you skipping about! A unique and very personal gift that will make any lucky person who gets them jump for joy!

An ideal birthday present, holiday souvenir or gift for any special occasion. Now to be ordered exclusively at
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