Book - You and the Team of Animals (Hardcover)

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Be the main character in this unique personalised soccer book!

Because it's your birthday, you and your soccer friends will go on a trip to the zoo. Being there you guys begin to fantasize what it would be like if the animals could start their own soccer team. An elephant in the goal does make it kind of difficult to score a goal!

You are the star in this familiar and heartwarming story with a focus on the emotions behind sports and diversity. The book will be personalised by adding the photo and name of the child. This original and fun gift wil turn reading in to a real party!
More information about the book You and the Team of Animals:
Measurements: 21 x 21 cm
Cover: hardcover
Pages: 32
Age: 4-12 years
Extra: this book will be personalised by adding the name and photo of the reader.

Tips on how to make a good photo:
- The face is positioned straight forward
- The entire head, including hair, is visible (uncovered)
- Taking the picture outside makes for a better quality photo
- Don't use photo's which include multiple people

Extra:Due to technical reasons it is not possible to process Cyrillic, Turkish or special signs.
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